2. Le vent se lève! … il faut tenter de vivre!
    — "The wind is rising! … We must try to live!” - Paul Valéry (via fitchinup)

  3. Panmunjom on Flickr.


  4. voyageur-voyageuse:

    Rush Hour at Waterloo Station is condensed into three minutes in this breakneck short. Entitled, originally enough, Rush Hour, this great work of cinematography gives you some sense of what train travel was like in the morning hours of some day in 1970. 

    Rush Hour is one of my favourite short films (it helps that it’s about trains!)


  5. This is a repeat of my previous post, but it’s such a lovely song and dance number that I just had to provide y’all with the audio (and video). 

    Adieu, Bert Cooper.